General Ned Ludd  
for action against

technology 'hurtful to Commonality'



Now available from Luddites200

Rebels Against the Future bookRebels Against the Future (Kirkpatrick Sale), the very best book on the Luddites, £9.




Liberty or Death: Radical Republicans and Luddites 1793-1823 Alan Brooke and Lesley Kipling (focused on Huddersfield) £8

Ben O'BillsBen O’Bills, The Luddite DFE Sykes & GH Walker (facsimile reproduction of 19th century novel) £12

The Land magazine special issue on the Luddites £4

Technology, Democracy, Equity (special issue of Friends of the Earth Australia magazine) £2

Housmans Peace Diary 2012 with special section on the Luddites £1Peace diary

DVD: with a drama-documentary on the Yorkshire Luddites, plus ‘New Technology, Whose Progress?’ a documentary on automation in different industries in the 1980s and trade union resistance, both for home viewing only £3

Teeshirts size L or XL black (organic fair-trade cotton) £10t-shirt design

Buy it, you mug!Mugs £5

Badges 60p (2 for £1 (minimum order).


Please add £1 post and packing to all items except the books, where you should add £2.50. Please send a cheque payable to ‘Human Genetics Alert’ (a friendly organisation whose bank account we are using) to 22B St Kilda’s Rd., London N16 5BZ. Alternatively you can pay online by going to and using the Paypal donation system: if so please email us ( letting us know what the payment is for.