General Ned Ludd  
for action against

technology 'hurtful to Commonality'


Luddites200 will shortly be producing both a book of poems from our poetry competition and a CD of Luddite songs.


Ned Ludd by Seize The Day

Luddite song lyrics, from Kevin Binfield

Performances of Foster’s Mill and The Cropper Lads by Jim Potter

Recent BBC Radio 4 programme on Luddite songs (permanently available)


Poems by Lord Byron

William Thorpe by Theo Ayres (A winner of the Luddites200 national poetry competition 2012)

Shows Website for show touring Yorkshire 2012 Lawrence Batley Theatre programme of events in 2012 One Accord performance

For enthusiasts: Against the Machine: The Hidden Luddite Tradition in Literature, Art, and Individual Lives Nicols Fox Shearwater Books, US 2004