General Ned Ludd  
for action against

technology 'hurtful to Commonality'




Rebels Against the Future Kirkpatrick Sale, Quartet Books 1996 AVAILABLE FROM LUDDITES200

Progress Without People David Noble, Between The Lines 1995

Liberty or Death: Radical Republicans and Luddites 1793-1823 Alan Brooke and Lesley Kipling, Huddersfield Local History Society 2012 £8 AVAILABLE FROM LUDDITES200

Ben O’Bills, The Luddite DFE Sykes & GH Walker, (facsimile reproduction of 19th century novel) Lambsbreath Publications £12 AVAILABLE FROM LUDDITES200

Writings of the Luddites Kevin Binfield, The Johns Hopkins University Press 2004

The Making of the English Working Class E.P. Thompson, Penguin Books 1991

The Luddites: Machine-breaking in Regency England Malcolm I Thomis, David and Charles Ltd 1970

Land of Lost Content: The Luddite Revolt, 1812 Robert Reid, Cardinal Books 1988

The Luddite Rebellion Brian J. Bailey, Sutton Publishing Ltd 1998

Ned Ludd & Queen Mab, Peter Linebaugh, PM Press2012

Against Technology: From the Luddites to Neo-Luddism Steven E. Jones, Routledge 2006

Shirley, Charlotte Bronte 1849

Luddites200 suggests that you buy books from Housmans ( which has a good online shop and information on what’s wrong with buying from Amazon.

Links Blog listing the events of 1811-12 and current events. Website set up Yorkshire museumss, Huddersfield University Website for show touring Yorkshire 2012 Historical essay on machine breaking and the Luddites Westhoughton Local History Society exhibition and festival April 2012-09-11  Horrible Histories Guardian article Article from Earth First! Educational site An interesting list of Luddite themes in film and literature Article by Kirkpatrick Sale Famous 1984 article by Thomas Pynchon The Unabomber Manifesto


The Economist (nearly) admits the Luddites were right: Currently active blog


Comment is free blog ‘Lessons of the Luddites’


Blog by Tom Wakeford on the Luddites and 2011 riots  Photoblog by Mike Duckett about ramble through the Spen Valley Luddite country.

Videos Simple historical description with Indie rock soundtrack. Luddites200 action at the People’s History Museum, Manchester, December 2011 Part 1 Excellent account of the reasons for Luddism Part 2 Animated re-enactment with Trumpton style figures. Interesting 1970s British TV programme, First of 4 parts. Good, semi-humorous TED talk

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