General Ned Ludd  
for action against

technology 'hurtful to Commonality'



The Luddites200 Organising Forum is an ad hoc group of admirers of the Luddites, radical historians and activists on issues connected to technology. We are scientists, musicians, poets, environmental and social justice campaigners.

As our name says, we aim to be a forum for anyone interested in this anniversary and what it means today. We want to encourage as many initiatives as possible around the country - just let us know what you're doing! We are looking for people to write guests blogs, so if you would like to do that or if you would like to get involved in what we're doing, please contact us at


Finally, although we have a small amount of cash and will be trying to raise more, we welcome donations, or suggestions for fundraising possibilities. You can donate by visiting our blog and using the Paypal button on the right or by sending a cheque payable to ‘Human Genetics Alert’ (a friendly organisation whose bank account we are using) to 22B St Kilda’s Rd., London N16 5BZ.