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Forthcoming events

Breaking the Frame Part 1: Technology out of control? Drones, Killer Robots and the Arms Trade

Remote controlled drones have already caused many civilian casualties in the 'war on terror', and people in the target zones and in Britain are campaigning against their use. But the military is moving towards letting battlefield 'killer robots' take their own decisions without human input. Should we allow computers to decide who lives and who dies, and who is legally responsible for their actions? This first meeting in our 'Breaking the Frame' series on the politics of technology will address some of the ethical and 'existential' issues raised by the march of technocracy. There will be plenty of time for informal discussion.
When: 7pm July 8th 2013 Where: Fairly Square cafe, 51 Red Lion St London WC1R 4PF
Introductions from:

For more information visit , Facebook: breaking the frame , or contact

Breaking the Frame: discussions on the politics of technology

Technology dominates our world, but many people think ‘its just a neutral tool' or that technology = progress. Although it does bring some benefits, most technology designed and controlled by corporate, military and technocratic elites to serve their interests and exert their power. Luddites200 is organising a series of monthly events to look at the technology politics of food, energy, work, gender, war, the economy, health etc. There will be speakers from campaigning groups and lots of time for discussion. We are preparing for a 3-day gathering in May 2014 on these issues.

July 8th

Technology out of control? Drones, killer robots and the arms trade  
New nuclear and the lessons of Fukushima
Gender and the politics of technology
Economic crisis and austerity: “It's the technology, stupid”
Food, GM and synthetic biology
Extreme Energy (fracking, tar sands etc) and climate change
The politics of alternative technology and workers' plans
Digital technology, surveillance and Big Data
Toxics and nanotechnology
‘Mental health', big pharma and the new eugenics

When: 7pm 2nd Monday of the month

Where: Fairly Square cafe, 51 Red lion St London WC1R 4PF

For more information visit, Facebook: breaking the frame or contact .


Gathering on the politics of technology

provisional dates May 2nd-5th 2014

Together with Corporate Watch, Scientists for Global Responsibility and Eco-labs, Luddites 200 will be organising a 3-day gathering/conference in Northern England. The aim of the gathering is to launch a new network of individuals and campaign groups focusing on the politics of technology. If you're interested in climate change, food sovereignty, extreme/renewable energy, nuclear power, surveillance, military technology, GM food, trade union issues, alternative technologies, you’re invited.

Amongst the topics for discussion at the gathering will be:

  • History of the Luddite uprisings, industrial society and environmental crisis

  • What does a critical politics of technology mean in the 21st century: democratic control or ‘low technology’?

  • Presentation of experiences in different campaigns and struggles, skillsharing.

  • Alternative visions of social and technological development, and the transition to a sustainable and socially just society; challenging the concept of progress through technology.

  • Plans for new campaigns and actions.

In addition there will be demonstrations and workshops on craft-based production, poetry, music, walking etc. To register your interest, contact us.



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Past Events

January 19th 2013 York: Commemoration of hangings of Yorkshire Luddites Gallows

York Alternative History are planning an event commemorating the hangings of 17 Luddites in January 1813, which will include talks, a ceremony and an evening music event. Contact for more information.



November 18th 2012 2pm-5pm People’s History Museum Manchester: Talks and celebrations of the Luddites in Lancashire Leader of the Luddites

  • Music: One Accord group

  • Exhibitions and artwork: Westhoughton Local History Group, Kevin Threlfall

  • Talks: Richard Holland (Luddites Bicentenary blog), Garth Ratcliffe (Westhoughton Local History Group)

  • Poetry: reading of poetry from the Luddites200 national poetry competition

Suitable for adults and children aged 12 and above.

Free. Donations to the museum and to Luddites200 gratefully received

Organised by Luddites200 and the People’s History Museum.


Huddersfield Luddites200 FestivalLuddites poster

April 27-29th 2012.

The festival, which attracted hundreds of locals and many from farther afield, was a joyous celebration of the Yorkshire Luddites, combining music, poetry, theatre, filmand craft demonstration with talks on the Luddites and discussions of current issues raised by technology. A compilation of entries to the poetry competition is in preparation. For a brief report, the programme and some recordings and texts, click here.

Green’ Economy or Greed Economy?

March 24th 2012 London


A day of talks and poetry in preparation for the intergovernmental Rio+20 intergovernmental conference. Speakers from the World Development Movement, ETC group, Biofuels Watch, ETC group, Econexus Campaign against Climate Change Trade Union Group and The Land magazine discussed issues such as:

  • Whose interests are served by technocratic ‘green solutions’?

  • What are the risks of synthetic biology and geoengineering?

  • What’s wrong with putting financial values on nature?

  • Can we build a real green economy based upon economic justice?

For background resources and video/audio recordings of the talks, click here.

A follow-up to the event was a protest outside the Planet Under Pressure conference,a science conference which claimed to provide scientific leadership for the Rio+20 process. The conference was also disrupted by London Rising Tide.

Leeds benefit gig Nov 24th 2011 7-11pmLeeds benefit flyer

TJs Pub* 121 Woodhouse St, Leeds LS6 2JH

Boff Whalley Phil Moody (Chumbawamba)

Theo Simon (Seize the Day)

Gary Kaye

Three Sheets T’ Wind

Raphael Attar Variety Hour

Dan Audio


Tickets £6, £4 concessions on the door

London film screening/Housmans peace diary launch Nov 4th 2011

A screening of The Luddites, a drama documentary about the events in Yorkshire in 1812, plus New Technology, Whose Progress?, a documentary about industrial automation and workers’ responses in the 1980s, featuring Tony Benn and Mike Cooley of the Lucas Aerospace Shop Stewards.

At this event, we also launched the 2012 Housmans Peace Diary, which contains a special feature feature on the Luddites and current technology issues such as GM food, nuclear power, drones, reproductive technology, nanotechnology and ‘geoengineering’.  

Celebrate The Luddites’ 200th Anniversary!

Friday November 4, 2011

7 pm Sumac Centre 245 Gladstone Street, Nottingham NG7 6HX

On the exact 200th anniversary of the first Luddite attack at Bulwell near Nottingham, (‘Mischief Night'), Chris Weir of the Nottingham archives told the story of the 1811-12 uprisings and what the Luddites were fighting for. Michael Reinsborough of Luddites200 spoke about technology issues in the 21stcentury including the use of technology to cut jobs as part of the public sector cuts and issues such as GM food, nuclear power and surveillance. Click here for the Nottingham Post story.

Celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Luddite uprisings: a meeting to discuss technology politics then and now

June 8th 2011, London

In 1811-12 artisan cloth workers in the Midlands and North of England rose up against factory owners who were imposing new machines and putting them out of work. Since the 1950s the Luddites have been painted as fools opposed to all technology and progress, but in fact the Luddites were very selective in their attacks, breaking only machines they thought were 'hurtful to Commonality'. What can the Luddites teach us about the ongoing use of technology to replace workers’ jobs, as well as issues like GM food and nuclear power? Can we escape the myth that technology always brings progress? On the anniversary of the first action against a GM crop site in Britain, come and discuss the issues with speakers from:

Luddites200 Organising Forum

Stop GM

Communication Workers’ Union activist

Stop Nuclear Network.